June 22 – June 28 2015

Hello lovelies! The universe has been teaching me lately to pace myself. Because of this, here is this week’s message in one card.This week we are shown the Solar Deity.

Also known as The Sun card, we are called to being our attention to that which is being brought to light. What truths are being illuminated this week? These truths might seem to “bright” to handle and might blind you temporarily from the rest of the situation. Don’t worry as this is only to make you stronger. This week we are to understand how all things are connected. One circumstance affects another and so on. Our sun is what brings life, warmth, hope, new days. It rises and sets but also stands still, ever burning and shining. Be like the sun and shine from within. Are you recognizing your inner light, the thing that gives you your passion and the reason to wake up every day? Are you living the life you feel called to within the short time between sunrise and sunset? Remember, the sun we have is only our sun at the center of our solar system. But there are so many other suns out there that could be the center of other solar systems and galaxies. Do you recognize this beauty? Stay positive this week. The hard things you’re facing are only there to illuminate your true nature. Welcome it, bask in it. Remember also, the sun illuminates that which is dark. Shine brightly lovelies! ‪#‎loveandlight‬ ‪#‎tarot‬ ‪#‎tarotreading‬ ‪#‎free‬‪#‎psychic‬ ‪#‎connected‬ ‪#‎universe‬ ‪#‎galaxy‬ ‪#‎sun‬ ‪#‎sacred‬ ‪#‎synergy‬ ‪#‎solar‬‪#‎deity‬ ‪#‎tarotcard‬ ‪#‎tarotmagic‬ ‪#‎tarotreader‬ ‪#‎medium‬ ‪#‎shine‬ ‪#‎bright‬


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