June 8 – June 14 2015

Hello lovelies! For this #WeeklyTarot we have the Seven of Swords, the Two of Staffs and the Two of Cups.

The Seven of Swords calls us to take a look at the situation at hand. Be mindful of how others are affecting the situation. Be sure you are using all of the resources and information available. Bear in mind that there are others around you trying to take part in the situation. It is up to you to determine if they are helping or hurting you. Not all opinions are helpful. 

The Two of Staffs shows us that we must decide if we are to step out of our comfort zone this week or remain in our own area of security and the world we’ve created for ourselves. It’s important to experience more than what you have in front of you. Take this week to learn and explore, experience things and challenge yourself to move past that wall of fear and apprehension. Find a new passion. 

The Two of Cups advises us to find a mental and emotional balance this week. It’s quite easy to let our thoughts get he better of us and so very hard to quiet our mind to find that necessary balance. The same goes for our emotional state. We can easily become overwhelmed with how we feel that we cannot think straight. Take care in knowing that your world is what you make of it and if you feel that it’s out to get you, then you must look inside yourself and determine where those thoughts and feelings are coming from.  

Love & Light beautiful people! 

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