June 1 – June 7 2015

Hello lovelies! For the #WeeklyTarot of June 1-7 we have the Ten of Pentacles reversed, The Fool, and the Three of Swords reversed.

The rev. Ten of Pentacles brings our focus to what is stable in life right now – whether that’s home, finances, friends, or just the path that you’re on. If things are good, then be grateful and don’t try to mix things up just for the sake of it. If you’re seeking something a little more adventurous, try something new but let it be something constructive that won’t pull you away from the good path that you’re on. If things aren’t so great right now, take a step back and look at all that you have. Find a way to be grateful for the things that are easily taken for granted. Also be open to a new way of thinking about the spiritual side of your life – right now it can only help. Remember, where there are endings there are also beginnings.

We are called this week to take on the role of the The Fool and find a sense of newness, a fresh start, and examine where you’re headed. Take a deeper, more spiritual approach this week and try out new ways of experiencing things. Try to get a good taste of what practices will be good for you and help you forward on your path. Since you will be trying things out, don’t worry about finding the perfect practice or spiritual path for you, just dip your toes in and see what you are pulled toward. As with the previous card, now is not a time to make a rash commitment.

Lastly, the Three of Swords rev. advises us that sometimes pain and a breaking down of sorts is necessary for moving forward. If you are in a painful situation right now mentally or emotionally or even spiritually, know that it is to bring you to a higher understanding and will not last forever. Any discomfort or disconnection you might feel this week will be followed with healing and a feeling of being renewed and connected. This card also resonates with the previous two. Now is a good time to try out new spiritual paths and new ways of thinking, but it’s not a good time to commit to any one way as you are going through a process of rebuilding.

Finding your path, fresh starts, new experiences, and higher understanding – go for it!

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