May 25 – May 31 2015

Hullo lovelies! My hope is that the retrograde is treating you well! Your ‪#‎WeeklyTarot‬ reading for May 25-May31 brings the Page of Staffs reversed, the Eight of Pentacles, and Strength reversed.

The Page here brings our attention to the present situation. With the retrograde in full force you might find things a bit confusing or are having trouble being decisive. You’d rather freely flow and not put much effort into your daily activities. The sunshine beckons and it might be hard right now to focus. If you are finding others to be distracting or find yourself in a position you’d rather not be, shift your focus to what is good and what is working for you. Accept the challenge ahead of you.

This week is also one for hard work. The Eight of Pentacles is here to let us know that it’s time to use our focus and put in the efforts that are needed (even though your heart is calling you elsewhere). Don’t be afraid to ask for help with your work; and remember to keep things balanced. Find time to relax and enjoy life when you have some down time. Also spend some time considering how your work life and your spiritual life affect each other. Can improving one improve the other?

Lastly, we are called to seek out inner strength. You might find this week that you don’t feel strong enough to get everything done. You might feel weak in the presence of others who have a strong energy. Just remember that your strength is within you and it’s just a matter of finding it and embracing it. Maybe that means doing what you want to do for a change. You’re also being encouraged right now to appreciate what you have. You have so much to be grateful for – try writing down some things that are good in your life! These things will help you feel strong, fresh and focused. Again, ask for help from a friend or someone you trust if you are having trouble seeing things clearly.

You have the world at your fingertips but you must put in the work and effort, focus but be patient. Find strength in yourself and learn to find balance between work and downtime. Spread love and light! Have a wonderful week lovelies!



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