May 11 – May 17 2015

Hello lovelies! For this #WeeklyTarot I’ve decided to try out some new cards! The cards drawn are the Five of Chalices, Seven of Crystals, and the Four of Orbs. 

The Five of Chalices is here to heighten our awareness of the situation before us. This week we can either choose to look away from the situation and ignore it or we can actively participate in fixing it. We have to remember that in all situations there are pros and cons and really the outcome of your circumstance is dependent upon where you focus your energy. Don’t worry so much about the things that aren’t working for you this week. Pay attention to that which is good and is working out. And the things that aren’t turning out can be easily fixed. Remember that whatever energy you put forth, that’s what you’re going to get back. You can choose how your week is going to go. You are the only one who decides how you see things! 

The Seven of Crystals tells us that now is the time to “plant seeds” for the things we want to happen. Now is really a time to invest your energy into things that will be beneficial for you for the long run. If you feel that things aren’t going in the direction you’d like, perhaps consider taking a different perspective or change how you are approaching the situation. This card also tells us that if we’ve already put in the effort but don’t seem to be reaping as many benefits as expected, it’s important to take a look and consider if this is the path you should be on.

Finally, we are advised by the Four of Orbs to embrace silence and be still. Take some time to quiet your mind and allow your intuition to wash over you. If the things mentioned in the other cards aren’t working for you, take some time to reflect and perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse at your higher purpose. Meditate. This could be laying down, in the shower, taking a walk, gardening, what have you. But be sure to let your intuition speak, and seek the calm and restoration that your souls needs. 

And so, this week, do not worry, plant seeds and see if you’re on the right path, and take some time for solace. #loveandlight 


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