April 27 – May 3 2015

This week’s energy is shown through the High Priestess, the Knight of Staffs, and the reversed Six of Staffs.

The High Priestess shows that this week we are called to follow our intuition and trust our gut instincts. We might feel the overwhelming emotions flow around us but that doesn’t mean we should be a part of it. Follow what you feel and seek spiritual guidance if you feel called to.

The Knight of Staffs urges us to move forward away from the past. Keep your guard up but be open to change. There cannot be progress without change. We are experiencing a shift, and with this shift is also change and awareness. Use the increased energy and strength you might feel this week to push yourself forward into the unknown. You cannot make progress without effort. Just be sure you’re making the right effort.

The reversed Six of Staffs advises us to not let fear hold us back. It warns us to be wary about in whom we place our trust, and it reminds us that we cannot expect answers from the universe without putting the effort on our part. This means meditation, prayer, any effort that will open you up to what the universe has to teach you. It might not be what you expect but allow your intuition to guide you.

This week we must follow our gut feelings and call upon higher energies to move us forward. We are to learn about our intuition, our trust, progress, strength and weakness. Remember, the energy you out out into the world is the energy you will get back. This works on all levels from your day to day life, to global levels. Be mindful.

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