April 20 – April 26 2015

Hello lovelies! This week’s energy is being brought to light by the King of Cups, Six of Pentacles and The Hierophant in reverse.

We are surrounded this week by kindness and compassion and are encouraged by the King of Cups to remember to show ourselves love and find time to nurture ourselves. There is a balance of masculine and feminine energy present. Know that the universe is supporting you at this time even if you are afraid of moving forward. This supportive energy will help you make steps into the unknown and assist you in remaining balanced. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone a bit and extend that same loving energy toward others. Allow others to “fill your cup” when you feel depleted of energy. 

The Six of Pentacles directly relates to this abundant positive energy. There will be a cycle, a flow, of energy that will be reciprocated this week. All of that seed planting you’ve been doing and all of those positive thoughts you’ve been putting forward are really going to flourish this week and come full circle. Now is a perfect time to share the wealth of good vibes with those around you. 

This week with all of the good energy floating around, the Hierophant suggests that you follow what you know to be the right thing for you. It might break away from your usual way of going about things but that which is living is subject to change. And if we can expect to grow and be nourished spiritually, it might require some change. Remain true to yourself even if others around you might not immediately approve. Continue to show yourself that love and spend time quieting your mind as there is a lot to listen for. Follow your intuition. You have the tools and the knowledge you need. Just allow yourself to do what is right for you. Ultimately it is your path and your journey. No one else can live it for you or tell you how to experience it. 

So this week show yourself love and spread it to others, reap the benefits of the intentions you set previously, and do what is right for you. Own up to who you are and shake off any negative vibes. Allow the positive energy to spring you into a new step on your path. 



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