#NewMoonTarot – April 18 2015

Hello again lovelies! Today we have a New Moon in Aries, which is ruled by The Emperor card. The affirmation for today is “I Am”. The card I have pulled today is Strength.

Today’s message for us, which is represented by the Aries and Emperor energies, is entirely about knowing who you are, being firm in who you are, and finding strength inside yourself. The Strength card only confirms that even more and really tells us that we have the strength to recognize “I Am”. With it being a New Moon, we are invited to start fresh, to begin a new journey, to cleanse and release old energies to allow for growth and health. This is a perfect time to become inspired and motivated by the things you love and the part of yourself that is aching to get out and flourish! 

The energy from this New Moon is going to assist with boosting your confidence and helping you to find a strength inside yourself to do the things you’ve been wanting to. There is a high energy today and a fire in you to make things happen! Aries is the God of war in mythology. This New Moon is a good encouragement to go to war on the negative energies in your life that might be holding you back. Release them and remember to use the resources you have and find strength in them! Resonate today with both of your feminine and masculine energies, find a balance in yourself and in that balance you’ll find courage to start new. Try to say yes today to things you’d normally find yourself saying no to. 

Time to make things happen! Have a beautiful day!

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