April 6 – April 12 2015

We are greeted with reversed King and Queen of Cups, and The Emperor. 

The King of Cups being reversed is a lesson for us in taking risks. So often we find ourselves set in our comfort zone. We wonder why things don’t change or get better, but it’s because we don’t take the risks and chances to make things happen. Allow yourself to feel your inner passion, go for those dreams or goals, and push yourself out of your comfort zone. You’ll wonder why you never did, as so much can happen when you make the effort! 

We are guided by the reversed Queen of Cups as well. She’s here to show us two things. First, we must continue to show abundant love to ourselves. Especially during this time when we’re stepping outside of that comfortable space. Second, she’s here to remind us to be wary of the feelings of others. When taking on your own dreams and goals it can easily cause us to have an outlook that only involves ourselves, not others who are also involved in our lives. Those around us this week might come off as hurt or overlooked. Comfort whoever that may be and show them that same abundant love! Include them in your plan, they could possibly offer assistance. 

The Emperor is here because sometimes mind over heart is necessary to get things done. We have so much emotion in the first two cards that it is important to keep a sense of concentration and focus. With such passion fueling your efforts, it will be easy to handle things this way. This card also shows that because of the discipline that will come easier to you this week, you’ll find that it is a great time for meditation and spending time really delving into your own spiritual practices. 

Both of the cup cards are a reminder that this week will be an emotional one and that we can use our passionate emotions to move ourselves forward and care for others at the same time. These cards all speak of a balance between head and heart, masculine and feminine, emotion and logic. Using each of these energies to their fullest and finding a way to combine them to manifest your dreams and goals will move you on to the next step in the grand path that is your journey!



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