#FullMoonTarot – April 4 2015

Greetings lovelies! Today we have a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Libra, which is ruled by the card Justice. The affirmation for today is “I Adjust”. The card I have pulled today is the Queen of Pentacles. 

We are reminded by Justice that there is a necessary and required balance to all things. Today is a perfect day for finding that balance, finding that equality, that karmic energy. What does this have to do with the Queen of Pentacles? Perhaps it is telling us that we will go through adjustments with at home and financially. These necessary adjustments will assist in the natural balance of things in your life.

Being that this full moon brings with it a lot of masculine energy, it is only fitting that the card pulled today is the most feminine of all of the cards, again ensuing balance – an order to things.  You will find that with this full moon being eclipsed, today is a marvelous day for starting new or renewing yourself. Perhaps you have felt out of balance, or some area of your life has not been as comfortable as you had hoped for it to be. Well now is a good time to use the energy of the moon to guide you to a new place of abundant comfort and fruitfulness, a time of justice for you in your circumstances, be they financial or health or home life.

Remind yourself that you are not the only person today who might be making adjustments to their life. Give everyone a bit of kindness and love today, they probably need it just as much as you do. And wouldn’t kindness and love be a sweet bit of justice, a wonderful feeling of balance, for whatever injustice has been done? Remember “I Adjust” – we are all capable of adjusting.

“You must let what happens happen. Everything must be equal in your eyes, good and evil, beautiful and ugly, foolish and wise.” – Michael Ende, The Neverending Story


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