March 23 – March 29 2015

This week the Eight of Swords, The Empress reversed, and the King of Cups help you to face the challenge of learning to love yourself and working through fear. 

The path we take to work through fear begins first with a thought. The Eight of Swords encourages you to examine your thoughts actively and pull your hands down from your inner eyes to face the fears you have buried deep inside. Discover your fear, find the root of the negativity. Was it an event in your life? Was it something someone said to you? Is it how you view yourself? What is it that is keeping you from loving yourself? Identify this first and let it go before you can see the beautiful love you can manifest. 

The Empress is reversed because of the deep rooted issues keeping you from loving yourself. Before you can attempt to love others and help them with their lives, you must first work on yourself. This card encourages you to spend ample time meditating. You have great things to offer but first you must become more in tune with the loving energy that flows through you. Remind yourself that you are in control of your life and your reaction to every situation. If you learn to love every part of yourself, you can handle these situations and daily life much smoother. 

The King of Cups is here to remind you that you must be kind to yourself. You cannot learn to love yourself if you are constantly critical of yourself or holding yourself back. Sometimes learning to love yourself means allowing others to nurture you. The past might have made you weary of this, but shutting others out only leads to shutting yourself in. Set your fearful emotions down and pull apart that wall which is keeping you from experiencing love. 

Positive things can only happen if a positive environment is created. Manifest that positive, kind, loving, and nurturing environment through meditation, reflection and the release of fear. You will then see how much easier it is to love yourself and in turn love others. 



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