Heal the Earth

All I’ve wanted to do lately is permeate the earth with Reiki energy. I keep thinking about how a friend of mine would go up into the mountains and tune rocks and boulders. Every day I feel a sort of pulse pushing me to tune the earth, and find myself craving an energy that would come if a vast number of us tuned the earth at the same time. Like a wave of beautiful energy soaking into the planet. Healing it. The mountains and the waters, the trees and the land – they’re in pain. Hurting from what has been done and what is being done right now. My heart aches for it. I am brought to tears from what the earth is showing me and it is deep. Treat the earth well. Cultivate it. Love it and it will love back. I encourage all of you to actively think on how you treat the earth and what it gives to you in return.



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