March 16 – March 22 2015

High Priestess, Nine of Cups and Three of Cups. With this week having a supermoon, new moon in Pisces, solar eclipse and the spring equinox, we’re in for a huge helping of potent energy! 

Right now the High Priestess card is telling of the necessity to use your intuition this week. This is a time for you to use your inner knowledge to guide you rather than what you consciously understand. Pay attention to signs and synchronicities that show up, as well as what your dreams are trying to tell you. These things might seem small but they are reminders of the path you are on. This card is very spiritual and being that the energy is so strong this week, it is a perfect time to renew your spiritual self.  The new moon and the equinox are huge influences, and both are excellent sources of energy for starting anew. If you’re starting the week with questions, this card is here to remind you that you already know the answers, have faith.

The Nine of Cups is here to tell you that the positive thinking and intent you’ve been investing is finally coming full circle. If you’re wondering what you’re supposed to do, just accept the positive energy you are receiving and allow it to flow through you. Really this just means that sometimes good things do happen if you’ve put enough positive thought and effort into it. You’ve been through some rough waters for a while now and it’s come time for things to settle down and the sun to shine! Bask in it and let the light radiate from you! 

The Three of Cups is here to advise you to take some of that infectious spring equinox energy and put it toward any number of things from reuniting with people, hobbies, routines, healthy habits, job searches, well-being, or long lost friends! Use this time of positive new energy to consider what the next step of your path is and where you see yourself going. This could be keeping busy with ongoing projects or taking a needed time of reflection before the hustle of spring really rushes in! 

Let the goodness flow! #loveandlight


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