March 9 – March 15 2015

This week’s energies are reflected in the Ace of Swords, The Sun Reversed, and The Hierophant. While last week was one of new endeavors, fulfillment and transition, this week is one of new thought, positivity and following what is right for you.

The Ace of Swords reminds us that we have the ability to form new ideas. This ability is one we can can utilize to bravely step forward into uncomfortable situations. Not only is this ability a useful weapon for us to wield this week, but so is the concept of truth. Being truthful with yourself and others can help you to bravely survive the struggles you might face this week. With fresh, truthful thought comes the ability to work through challenges without fear. 

The Sun reversed tells us to work on being positive this week as we will find it comes easily. Because this card is reversed, it lets us know that even if not all of the aspects of a situation are illuminated, we can still impart positive energy to move gracefully through the situation. It also might suggest that there could be situations where you will know more than you’d like to as all of the facts of the situation have been brought to light. Don’t let this bring you down. Continue to be positive. The more positive energy you let flow from you, the more it will flow back toward you. 

The Hierophant advises that it is important to follow what is right for yourself this week. Only you can know what is good for you and what can be harmful. Take this week to pay more attention to your spiritual side. Whether that means following traditional religion or something less traditional and more spiritual. Do what is right for you. Find a way to ground yourself in your practice and allow the energy to flow through you. This will also help you to stay uplifted, positive and awake to new thought this week. If you are feeling tied down by the traditional this week, perhaps try something different that will refresh you on a soul level. 

Remember to be truthful with yourself and others. The less truthful you are the more fear can set in thereby making it hard to be positive and open to new ideas and practices. #loveandlight 


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