March 2 – March 8 2015

This week holds strong energies of beginnings, abundance, and transition. We have the Ace of Pentacles, Three of Cups, and Death. 

The Ace of Pentacles resonates with new endeavors, beginnings, balance, and harmony. This card has appeared in order to make us aware of the energy we are putting into our work. It is this energy that is full of heart and balanced with logic. If you are putting in great effort at work or at home, this card is here to let you know that the balance is good and strong and to keep it going and flowing. We all strive for perfection, but allow yourself to experience imperfection to help gain perspective on your endeavors this week. That might mean setting aside some of that control and allowing things to happen naturally. 

The Three of Cups shows us resolution, fulfillment, healing, and solace. Remember those “seeds” you planted last week? The results are clear this week. The effort you put in so tenderly last week is coming to fruition. It is allowing you to find solace and comfort in knowing you did what you could. If you are having any problems recently that involve your emotions, now is the time to resolve them as this card shows this week is a good one for healing, especially with the energy of the Full Moon this Thursday. Threes talk of family, finances, and future. Harmony surrounds these areas of your life this week. So bask in it! 

Don’t be afraid of the Death card. It has only appeared to remind us that where there is life there is change. As this week is one of beginnings and fulfillment, it must also be so that there are endings and changes; transition. It is up to you whether or not you will embrace the transition into new energy. Though progress, a form of change, can be scary, often it is so we as humans can become better and stronger. Welcome change with open arms and you will be welcoming the journey ahead. #loveandlight 


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