Humans Are Weird

**Warning. Existential thoughts ahead. If you do not agree then please do not pollute the thoughts of others with poisonous words to stray the minds of other energy beings.**

I had a thought today as I was watching a video of an old woman performing a dance routine on the X Factor.

Humans are weird.

This thought came about as I observed a sea of humans banging their hands together at the spectacle in front of them that was pleasing to them. Clapping. I have always found this to be strange and unusual. Uncomfortable. Why do humans clap? To show appreciation? To show understanding? To express gratitude? To feel one? To make noise? Out of politeness? Humans are weird. Weird – unconventional, surreal, peculiar, odd, strange, bizarre, alienated, disbelieving, abnormal. Each different yet so much the same. Humans do weird things. Believe weird things. Humans are energy. I am energy. I am a Light Being. Light Being energy that inhabits this flesh body, this vessel, this temporary bag of blood and bones and sinew and organs – flesh – energy existing for a brief time on this living earth, as human. Humans think they know everything. Energy beings know they do not know everything and are still learning. But humans – humans are weird. You might think “but YOU ARE human.” Confused. That’s okay. You are not awake yet. Sleep a while longer. This might not be the purpose of your journey this time around.

The humans I speak of – they are not the energy beings that would understand these thoughts. The humans I speak of are the ones that live for things. New cars, quick fixes, new phones, sex, bodies, clothing, jewels, new gadgets, money, land, food, media, music, entertainment, politics, feelings, literature, fads, movies, celebrities, hoaxes, scams, appearances, TEMPORARY THINGS. Not love. These things. They take over. Energy beings forget why they are here. They are here to love. They exist to love. To live. To experience. To give. Humans are weird. Focused on the hate. Hate that stems from pigments and chemicals that make up skin cells. Focused on trends. Connecting without connecting. Being “social” without socializing. Humans are weird. Wars, bombs, guns, drugs, hatred, fighting, arguing, chemicals, unnatural, poisoning the living, polluting the energy. Humans. Humans have done this. WHY WOULD WE AS ENERGY BEINGS EXIST FOR THAT. We don’t. We are here to love, to learn, to give, to hope, to help, to heal, to grow, to change. Human life is so short. Every energy being on this earth is here for such a short time. Why spend that time on things that HUMANS have destroyed if not to heal and help and love? Humans are weird. They love, yet they do not love. They experience so much yet so little. Only some are awake. The ones who are not awake yet are – weird.

Humans are weird. So focused on everything that is temporary. Humans are temporary. But energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. I am energy. You are energy. We are energy. Embrace your energy. Do not embrace your human. Humans are weird.


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