February 15 – February 21 2015

This week’s energy brings the Queen of Swords, The Moon, and The Devil. Don’t be afraid of these cards. They have some great things to tell!

Queen of Swords shows that this week is one of strong ideas and force of will. The intent is to make things happen, to conquer your dragon. Be aware, however, of how you treat others. They could take your strength as arrogance or close mindedness and that’s not helpful to anyone. Strength of mind is nothing without strength of heart so though you want to get things done a certain way, go about things in a manner that not only brings you gain but also benefits others. Watch out for where your thoughts dwell.

The Moon wants us to be aware of that which is holding us back and what our inner voices have to say. Often it is easy to let our fears keep us from moving forward in a direction that can help us. If we’re afraid of the outcome of something, that fear takes away from the energy that could be used for positive work. Listen to your gut, most often it is right. It’s important to develop our intuition as it can help so much with decision making and overcoming fears. Pay attention this week to what is pulling you and guiding you. What are the reasons behind your actions? Are you focused on the positive things in your life right now? Or are you focused on the negative? Wherever you put your focus, that is where your energy is going and that is what will come about.

The Devil wants you to know that only you could hold yourself back this week. The accomplishments you can make this week are only in your hands and no one else can do it for you. If you are feeling overwhelmed or trapped at all this week, remember to take a deep breath, take a step back, and try to see things from a fresh perspective. The way out of that scary and complicated situation could be very simple and right there all along. Remember that the energy you put into something is the energy you’ll get back, especially if your intentions are sincere.

This week is one of many, and we can only get so much done in 7 days. Don’t be too hard on yourself or others. Spread love and set aside your worries. #loveandlight


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  1. Heather · March 3, 2015

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